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Chiropractic Web Site Offers Income Insight

11/18/08 recently pulled together data from chiropractic classifieds and business listings to determine how much chiropractors make in certain markets (including Italy). The Web site then extracted the 2007 financial information from the 11 listings. The eye-opening results are listed below:

  • New Jersey: practice collecting $193,924.00. Chiropractor take home before taxes is reported at $93,673.00 with a 26 hour workweek.
  • Indianapolis, Ind: family practice collecting $670,313.00. Dr take home before taxes listed at $406,092.00. Office is open four days per week
  • Austin, Tex: wellness practice collecting $489,496.00. Dr take home before taxes $323,861.00.
  • West Phoenix, Ariz: practice collecting $264,768.00. The chiropractor take home before taxes is posted as $181,719.00.
  • Torrance, Calif: family practice collecting $206,335.00. Chiropractor take home before taxes $127,410.00 on a 14 hour work week.
  • Modesto, Calif: family practice collecting $347,276.00. This chiropractor is collecting $206,970.00 before taxes. Working four days per week.
  • Northwest North Carolina: all cash family practice collecting $277,443.00. Dr take home before taxes $209,750.00 on a 24 hour work week.
  • Charlotte, NC: practice collecting $468,552.00. The chiropractors take home before the wealth is spread is $256,486.00. Chiropractor works a 26 hour week.
  • Gilbert, Ariz: practice targeted to collect $357,865.00 in 2008. In this case, the chiropractors take-home paid before taxes is estimated at $200,666.00. It's the only office listed based on 2008 income projections.

According to, the Italian practice is all-cash, offers a four-day work week, and collects $93,303, with the doctor’s take-home income before taxes set at $67,424.

The writer also notes that most of the chiropractors in the data work four days or less per week, which is an important earnings data factor.

[Source:, November 2, 2008]

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